Kill Code: Episode 3 Sees Apex Legends' Loba Team Up With Revenant


Apex Legends' developer Respawn entertainment has made one thing very clear this season: The game's plot is taking center stage. Season 18 kicked off in an entirely unprecedented manner, with no new legend being added. This also happened in Season 16, but this time around, there was a twist: Players weren't gaining access to a new character, they were gaining access to Revenant, an old character who recently developed a brand-new set of abilities--and a brand-new look.

This gave Respawn the perfect opportunity to create Kill Code, a new animated series that's separate from Stories From The Outlands (which typically deals with a legend's past), and thus finally gives players a chance to catch a glimpse of what it's like to live on a dropship with a bunch of deadly bloodsport participants, two of whom are literal murder robots. When we last left off in Kill Code: Part 2, we saw Revenant attempting to strangle Crypto, mistakenly thinking Crypto was the one behind the odd glitches he was experiencing. Of course, it turned out that Revenant's transformation was actually the result of the manipulative machinations of one Torres "Duardo" Silva, Octane's grandfather.

Kill Code: Part 3 sees the legends coming together for the first time in a long while. After discovering where Duardo has run off to with Revenant's source code (which, for some reason, is inside a Futurama-esque head in a jar), Crypto, Loba, Valkyrie, Lifeline, Mad Maggie, and Revenant himself agree to infiltrate the facility on Malta to try and retrieve Revenant's source code. Despite their differences, they all agree that Revenant may be dangerous by nature, but he is far more dangerous when he's being controlled by someone else. Unfortunately, Lifeline is spotted and identified almost immediately after the group enters the facility, resulting in the building entering lockdown and security forces swarming the area.

The legends proceed to play a rather bloody game of volleyball with Revenant's jar-head--which is constantly changing hands, as the legends are each trying to keep a grip on it while also trying to fight off the security forces. It gets so bad that Loba and Revenant--mortal enemies, one of whom wishes to destroy the jar-head while the other wants to keep it safe forever so Revenant can never die--even have a moment where they're completely surrounded, and thus call a truce, proceeding to take out their foes together, in a scene that's quite similar to watching Rey and Kylo Ren take on the Praetorian Guard.

Torres looking pleased with himself after yoinking Revenant's head-in-a-jar away from Valkyrie via Loba's Black Market Boutique.

But unlike the aforementioned users of the Force, the fight ultimately ends in failure for both Loba and Revenant. Loba nearly pulls a gun on Valkyrie when she refuses to hand over the head, but before a fight can break out, the head disappears from Valkyrie's hands. Unfortunately, Loba has forgotten that her Black Market is still activated in another part of the room, which allows Torres to snatch the ol' head-in-a-jar right out of Valkyrie's hands. This upsets both Revenant (who just wants to die) and Loba (who wants him to stay alive forever and suffer infinitely), and probably also Valkyrie, who is just trying make sure to Loba doesn't spend the rest of her life letting hate and a thirst for revenge consume her. It's clear Valkyrie is extremely wary after seeing how easily the woman she loves was willing to potentially put a bullet in her.

But what's truly interesting about this episode is that it's the first time we've seen legends have a serious argument, but choose to drop it in favor of saving their squadmates. Things obviously didn't end well, but the bond these legends developed after four years of fighting each other in the ring seems to have created a sense of camaraderie among the them, even in the most dire moments, and even when they have opposing goals. This could be especially beneficial if they ever go to war with Torres, which is beginning to look more and more likely.

The small triangle with red lights is this strange robot's Stalker-like head. It also appears to shoot plasma from one arm.

One of the defense mechanisms Torres attempts to use against the legends is a never-before-seen giant mech that looks like a Pilot-less Titan had a baby with a Stalker. If Torres is building things like that in his lab, there's no telling what else he's got lurking in his many lairs. But whatever his plans are, they appear to be big. Big enough to potentially start a war. He even knows Revenant's real name: Kaleb. This likely means he's gained access to some classified information he can use to further manipulate Revenant and the other legends.

There's no telling where the story goes next, but Respawn devs have confirmed that the Kill Code miniseries will continue on throughout the rest of 2023. Based on the massive "TO BE CONTINUED…" text that popped onto the screen at the end of the episode, that certainly seems to be the case. Season 18 may almost be over (don't forget to finish your battle pass!), but from the look of things, the massive conflict between the legends and Torres is just beginning.

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